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 Hysys Office 5.25, total flexibility for new and renovated projects

  Hysys Office 5.25 is a solution that guarantees total adaptability.
Whether used for a new system or to improve an existing system, it allows you to design a customised global system according to your choices and the needs of future occupants.
When used in renovation, it adapts to all the existing configurations, whether or not there is a suspended ceiling. For projects in which the spaces are being altered, the system's flexibility allows it to adapt better to all the requirements. Hysys Office 5.25: total freedom.

Water, the best solution for heating and cooling

 Greater comfort: water is the best fluid for transferring heat. Careful control and complete comfort for occupants

Greater energy efficient: the homogeneity and the thermal stability of water reduce the energy requirements for transferring calories. Your system provides better comfort while consuming less.

Less fluid: With Hysys Office 5.25 the only refrigerant load required is contained in the heat pump, which is located outside the building. There are no toxicity risks for the occupants in case of a leak (standard EN378).

Lower CO2impact: with the load of refrigerant fluid divided halfed the system and thanks to its energy-efficient operation, Hysys Office 5.25 significantly lowers the TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) index of the system.

Reduced maintenance: water circulation eliminates the need for bi-annual checks inside the offices themselves (which are required for a system that distributes refrigerant).